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Abu Dhabi Firm Floats Plan to Tow Icebergs to UAE for Drinking Water

The iceberg project will help support the international effort to combat global warming in many ways, including “providing a new drinking water resource to the world; making the world greener by utilizing the harvested water for farming the Empty Quarter sand desert; reducing pollution from desalination; and lowering the sea level caused by melt water”.

After IS: Will Mosul reconstruction be next arena of influence in Middle East?

The United Nations (UN) estimates that in the short term, rebuilding will cost at least $1 billion. Lisa Grande, the United Nations Development Programme’s resident representative in Iraq, said it will take about $470 million to restore basic infrastructure including the power, water and sewer systems and to rehabilitate hospitals, schools and houses in the neighbourhoods with the most severe damage in western Mosul. At least another $237 million is needed for the more lightly damaged districts in western Mosul and a further $370 for rebuilding in eastern Mosul.

In Battle for Iraqi City of Mosul, Civilians Are Paying the Price

In the first month of the operation, approximately 4,000 civilians were killed and 500,000 residents fled. Civilians have paid with their lives for following official advice to stay in their homes. Yet the prospects for survivors are little better. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped in the part of Mosul still controlled by ISIS, where supplies of food, fuel and drinkable water are dwindling and violence is a daily reality.

Antiquity to Institutionalization of al-Khalifa Rule

Bahrain has long been identified by archaeologists as the ancient island-state of Dilmun where, according to a famous Sumerian epic of the second millennium BCE, King Gilgamesh of Uruk discovered ‘the flower of eternal youth’. Bahrain’s sweet-water wells and lush vegetation were said to have been a paradise on earth, a happy place where mortals could escape sickness and death.
In the past, some Western scholars have even identified Dilmun/Bahrain with the biblical Garden of Eden. They claim confirmation in the lonely old tree that has somehow survived in the desert plain in the centre of the main island. Its local name, ‘The Tree of Life’, has helped fuel scriptural speculation.