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After Failed Coup, Turkey’s Economy Struggles to Rebound

Since 2013, the Turkish miracle has been fading. The massive ‘Gezi Park’ protests in the summer of that year resulted in an authoritarian drift that also hurt the country’s economy. Turkey’s slowdown is partly attributable to international factors like weak growth in the eurozone, the readjustment of US monetary policy, the Russian recession and the wars in Iraq and Syria. Now, interest rates are spiking, the economy is slowing and dollar-denominated loans are becoming impossible to service. Moreover, housing prices keep rising despite an excess real estate stock, which looks like a bubble. That’s the real risk: if there’s a bubble, and it bursts, that could unleash a chain reaction, political and economic

Strategic Ties Extend Russia’s Influence in the Middle East and Mediterranean

President Putin may feel justified in permitting himself a smile when reflecting on his foreign policy achievements in West Asia. Egypt has now moved closer to Russia and is prepared to further enhance its economic, military and political ties with Moscow. Turkey, a NATO member, appears to feel it could benefit from warmer relations with the Kremlin. And Syria, whatever shape or form a solution to the conflict there may take, has afforded Russia a direct military presence, and a firm foothold, in the eastern Mediterranean.

In Turkey, Victims and Victors are changing Places, raising Concerns about the Country’s Human Rights Situation

“Human rights in Turkey are in peril,” said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Director for Europe and Central Asia, only days after the failed coup on 15 July 2016. “The sheer number of arrests and suspensions is alarming. The coup attempt unleashed appalling violence, and those responsible for unlawful killings and other human rights abuses must be brought to justice, but cracking down on dissent and threatening to bring back the death penalty are not justice.”

After Failed Coup, Turkey’s Military Emerges Stronger

Turks are no strangers to military intervention in politics. Since the country transitioned to multi-party democracy in 1950, the military has directly interrupted the democratic process four times (1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997), with as many failed attempts.

There will be ‘No Winners’ in Syrian War, as Conflict deepens

Raed Omari, a political analyst and columnist at Al Arabiya English, said no winners will emerge from the civil war, including al-Assad, despite the gains his forces have made over the past ten months.

Reconciliation Puts Derailed Turkish-Israeli Relations Back on Track

For Turkey, reconciliation with Israel comes not just as the region is unravelling, but also as Ankara’s ties with other allies have frayed. But above all, the reconciliation is likely to have positive economic implications for both countries, providing a non-controversial platform for further contact in the coming years.

New Country File – Sudan

The Chronicle has dedicated a new country file to the Republic of the Sudan, which was thusfar lacking in the collection of countries covered. The new country file includes the typical chapters covering its history (in Past to Present) and providing an overview of the economy, population, and culture.

Turkey Coup: After the Failed Coup, Now the Isolation?

The sluggish and lukewarm response from the international community to the attempted coup, and the salvo of criticism that followed the widespread crackdown, made the president and his followers deeply suspicious of a potential global conspiracy against his regime. As tens of thousands of people are fired from Turkey’s public institutions, the country seems more isolated than ever.