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Palestinian camps in Lebanon

Lebanon has been one of the destinations of Palestinian refugees since 1948 and it hosts today 12 sites and 449,957 registered refugees. According to UNRWA reports, half of the Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon is 25 years of age and younger, rendering the population majorly youthful. Additionally, around 62% of the refugee population are inhabitants of camps, while the remaining 38% are either dispersed around the country or reside in gatherings in the vicinity of these camps, yet they are not part of the official settlements and do not receive the same services registered refugees do.

Turkey and Terrorism: Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place

As the war in Syria continues and with no end to Kurdish unrest in sight, Turkey’s reputation as a haven of stability and security looks weaker than ever. While Ambassador Karlov’s assassination has captured international attention, to rid itself of the terrorist threat, Turkey has far greater problems to solve.

Egypt’s Media Landscape: An Overview

Egypt’s post-2011 media experience both under elected Islamist President Mohamed Morsi (2012-2013) and even more so after army commander general Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took power in 2013, has been characterized by harsh restrictions upon freedom of expression and a return to a culture of enforced obedience in the print and television industries.

Abbas Emerges from Fatah Congress Stronger than Ever

In contrast with previous Fatah congresses, which were characterized by intense disagreements among members over the political programme and liberation strategy, no attention was given at the seventh congress to the topic of political, economic and social programmes or even the national strategy. Rather, it focused on filling key positions in the Central Committee and Revolutionary Council.

Palestinian Authority Suffers Shortage of Financial Aid

For more than twenty years, the general budget of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has been largely dependent on foreign funding by donor countries, so much that the PNA considers foreign funding to be an essential part of its general budget. In the last two years, however, a decline has been observed in the international political support for the Palestinian issue. Besides, the international financial support has also started to drop little by little, to the extent that the Palestinian prime minister Rami Hamdallah announced in November 2016 that the PNA is facing financial deficit because donor countries have not fulfilled their financial pledges.

UN Accused of Pro-regime Bias in Relief Effort in Syria

The investigative report which involved interviewing dozens of UN staff (current and former employees), concluded that Bashar al-Assad is the sole bearer of a veto power over the allocation and delivery of humanitarian aid to war-affected areas. Thus, probably unwillingly, the UN aid program enabled the regime to utilise sieges as a weapon of war.

Israel and its Palestinian Citizens

How to call the Arab people living in Israel? Should we call them ‘Israeli Arabs’ or ‘Palestinians’? This question is not as innocent as it seems at first glance. The term of choice generally reflects one’s position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And both sides accuse the users of the other term of ‘having an agenda’.

Syrian Army Forces Out Rebels in Aleppo

In what seemed to be the final push to gain control of Aleppo, regime forces and their allies intensified their attacks on 15 November 2016, launching a fierce aerial bombardment and missile strikes from the Russian aircraft carrier stationed off the coast. This was followed by a major ground assault. Backed by Russian warplanes, pro-regime forces advanced rapidly into territory that had been in rebel hands since 2012.