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Perception of US policy in the Middle East

The Obama administration’s effort to encourage its Arab allies to carry a bigger burden in promoting peace in the Middle East has not revitalized its alliances with a new sense of common purpose and cooperation. Rather, it has left traditional partners feeling abandoned.

Five Years After Promised Reform, Human Rights in Algeria Still Severely Restricted

Human rights violations fall into five main areas: freedom of association, peaceful assembly and protest, freedom of speech, women’s rights, minority rights and accountability for past crimes. In sum, human rights in Algeria are frequently violated and the government seems deaf to the repeated calls to remedy the situation.

Bahrain’s Media Landscape: An Overview

Bahrain’s power structure and demographics mean that the government has traditionally placed particular emphasis on the media as a propaganda tool, and has sought to minimize dissident Shiite voices as much as possible through its close control of the sector.

After a 29-month Political Vacuum, Lebanon Elects a New President

On 31 October 2016, Lebanon’s parliament has elected a former army general as president, following a surprising shift in allegiances across the country’s divided political parties. The vote breaks the political deadlock that has left many state institutions barely functioning and prevented legislation from being passed for more than two years.

In Iraq, Corruption and Sectarianism Blamed for Ongoing Instability

Corruption and sectarianism are jeopardizing Iraq’s security. Security and military officers have failed to bring stability to the country since the American invasion in 2003.

There will be ‘No Winners’ in Syrian War, as Conflict deepens

Raed Omari, a political analyst and columnist at Al Arabiya English, said no winners will emerge from the civil war, including al-Assad, despite the gains his forces have made over the past ten months.

This Summer, No Respite for Bahrain’s Heated Politics

A court in Bahrain dissolved the main Shia opposition party al-Wefaq in July 2016. The problem is a straightforward one: the opposition wants more democracy and all that comes with it, such as a constitutional monarchy, transparency, inclusiveness, equality and justice. The government, which is essentially an extension of the royal family, does not.

Human Rights in Iraq: When a Constitution Is Not Enough

A large number of texts in the Iraqi constitution address human rights, but governmental and national institutions have been accused by local and international human rights organizations of delinquency, infringement and non-compliance with these provisions or with international agreements of which Iraq is a signatory.

Rapprochement Between Israel and Saudi Arabia

The rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Israel became public at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington in June 2015, revealing that the two countries held secret meetings to discuss shared goals and the regional ascendence of Iran.

Yemen Peace Talks: Drafting a Roadmap

Peace talks have been underway since 21 April 2016. The Houthi/Saleh alliance and the Hadi government are the only official negotiating parties, with the UN as broker. Assuming they know what they want to get out of these negotiations (which is not at all certain), they cannot simply proceed; there are numerous players outside the palace, buzzing in their ears.