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Foreign Policy

Before the GCC summit in Kuwait in December 2013, Oman’s minister of foreign affairs, Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, made a surprising statement: his country would not join a GCC union (an upgraded version of the current loosely organized GCC) proposed by the Saudis, saying “we should not enter into conflicts, either close or far away from us. We think we should not return to the previous century.”

Society, Media & Culture

The Moroccan population is almost entirely Sunni Muslim, though this has not always been true. While Christianity has been confined almost entirely to expatriate residents, there was a historically important Jewish community that remains influential, although its numbers declined steeply in the second part of the twentieth century. The interaction between the Jewish and Muslim communities has always been important politically, culturally, and economically.

General elections in Iraq in 2010

The elections brought a narrow victory for the Iraqi National Movement (al-Iraqiya), a secular nationalist coalition with a strong Sunni Arab following, led by former interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, himself a secular Shiite. Al-Iraqiya won 91 of the 325 seats (24.7 percent of the vote), just two seats more (89; 24.4 percent) than the State of Law Coalition (Shiite dominated) of acting Prime Minister al-Maliki.