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Union with other states

Because the Libyan national identity was weak when Gaddafi took over and because he and his close supporters were enthusiasts for Arab nationalism, Gaddafi tried repeatedly to create unions between Libya and other countries. Brief theoretical unions were set up with Egypt and Syria (1971, Federation of Arab Republics); Sudan; Tunisia (1974, Arab Islamic Republic); Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritania (1989, Arab Maghreb Union, a planned free-trade bloc).

Theatre and film in Morocco

It was not until after independence that formal theatre was popularized, first by the radio and then on stage. In 1962, the first theatre, the Théâtre National Mohammed V, was opened in Rabat. In the 1980s, university theatrical groups developed, and the Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique et de l’Animation Culturelle (ISADAC) was founded in Rabat. The Théâtre National Mohammed V is now a venue not only for theatre but also for opera, ballet, and musical performances.