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The Ebb and Flow of Press Freedom in Morocco

When one reflects on the current freedom of expression in Morocco, a number of interrelated factors emerge, political climate, legal provisions and economic factors being the most salient. While substantial progress has been made toward achieving press autonomy, the government continues to foster a climate of dependence and intimidation…

Controversial Sex Worker Drama ‘Much Loved’ Opens Debate about Prostitution in Morocco

The film has provoked an unprecedented national debate in the media and become a talking point in workplaces, schools and homes. While some see in it a creative endeavour, a piece of art that reflects freedom of expression in Morocco, others regard it as pornographic and debauched.

The Key Drivers of North African Illegal Migration to Europe

The proximity of North Africa to southern Europe, the liberal mobility policies of most European countries, and the historical links between northern and southern Mediterranean countries are all key factors encouraging people to migrate to Europe.

Western Sahara: Drilling in Disputed Waters

In late 2014, Nordic oil rig companies and the US-based Kosmos Energy began drilling in the Cap Boujdour block offshore Western Sahara. The former Spanish territory is the subject of a decades-long dispute between Morocco and the Polisario, the Algeria-backed indigenous movement seeking its independence. Around three quarters of the territory has been under Moroccan […]

Status of Human Rights in Morocco Not Living Up to Expectations

The 2011 uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa region, took Morocco by surprise and greatly affected the status of human rights, which went from rapidly accelerating democratization to a gradual return to the earlier status quo. Gender equality and parity are not yet implemented, and child labour, particularly in the informal sector, and human trafficking, corruption, and impunity still prevail, despite some headway having been made.