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Morocco’s Media Landscape

The Moroccan media environment is still largely subservient to government and monarchical control. The government continues to use advertising and subsidies as incentives for media cooperation while failing and fining those who openly oppose it.

In Morocco, Fish Seller’s Gruesome Death Sparks Widespread Protests

Protests have erupted across Morocco over the death of a fish seller. Protestors were shocked by the circumstances surrounding Fikri’s death, which was filmed on a mobile phone and posted online. An image of the lifeless victim’s head and arm protruding from the truck’s compacting mechanism went viral.

Islamists Win Moroccan Elections, But Forming Coalition Could be Tough

Seen from both a national and international perspective, the election results confirm Morocco’s image as a country that is capable of integrating the various political forces and the dynamics they generate. This fact is of extreme importance in a region where violence and instability have become the norm.

Fighting Corruption in Morocco: A Losing Battle?

In Morocco, corruption has been back on the political agenda in the run up to the 7 October parliamentary elections. According to Amnesty International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, corruption in Morocco has fallen to the same level it was in 2009 and 2010, i.e., prior to the Arab Spring that brought the Islamists to power. As a result, people have lost faith in the more than 35 parties and voted for the pragmatic ones in the hope of seeing corruption reduced.

As UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech Approaches, What is the State of Morocco’s National Security?

What is the state of security today in Morocco? An initial answer would be that the country is still vulnerable for a number of reasons. According to recent reports, Moroccan jihadists are continuing to join IS in Libya and are increasing communication and coordination with sympathizers back home.

Human Rights in Morocco Continue to Falter

In Morocco, the issue of human rights has found its way onto the parliamentary agenda and is being debated by the government and opposition. At the same time, national and international NGOs report continued and widespread human rights abuses.

Nabila Mounib: The First Moroccan Woman to Lead A Political Party

A staunch defender of women’s rights, Mounib is a symbol and a champion of women’s emancipation in Morocco. By becoming the first Moroccan woman to lead a political party, Mounib is an icon for young people of both sexes.

The Hoba Hoba Spirit of Moroccan Music

Hoba Hoba Spirit has attracted an increasing number of young fans. It is now one of the most popular rock acts in Morocco, frequently playing its major festivals. They are often considered a mouthpiece of the rebellious new generation in search of an identity in the face of obscurantism and Islamic radicalism that currently plagues Arab societies.

Turkey Coup: After the Failed Coup, Now the Isolation?

The sluggish and lukewarm response from the international community to the attempted coup, and the salvo of criticism that followed the widespread crackdown, made the president and his followers deeply suspicious of a potential global conspiracy against his regime. As tens of thousands of people are fired from Turkey’s public institutions, the country seems more isolated than ever.

Mounting Tensions Between Morocco’s Main Political Parties

Tensions are already mounting between the main political parties. Not only do the elections constitute an evaluation of the success or failure of the constitutional reforms that Morocco adopted in 2011, but also a litmus test for the performance of the country’s first Islamist party: the Justice and Development Party (PJD).