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Reconciliation Puts Derailed Turkish-Israeli Relations Back on Track

For Turkey, reconciliation with Israel comes not just as the region is unravelling, but also as Ankara’s ties with other allies have frayed. But above all, the reconciliation is likely to have positive economic implications for both countries, providing a non-controversial platform for further contact in the coming years.

Foreign policy

The end of the Cold War created many opportunities, but also constraints on the Turkish foreign policy. The spectacular rapprochement with the Central Asiatic ‘Turkic Republics’ seemed, at the beginning, as a sign of the emergence of a Turkish bloc, but it was short-lasting; instead, the leaders of these Republics, who were keen to protect their own rule, sought Russian protection to ensure their own durability.

Family structures

The initiation of children into adolescence and adulthood followed the gendered division of roles and was largely in line with the rites of passage observed in most Muslim societies (teaching the Koran to boys five to six years old, separation of the sexes from age seven or eight, obligation to fast during Ramadan before the age of twelve, and the ‘negotiation’ of a marriage decided by the parents when the child is between fifteen and eighteen years of age).


Wedged in between Europe, Russia, Persia and the Arab world, for centuries Anatolia – the heartland of the modern Turkish state – has been both a battleground and the arena of successive civilizations, each leaving their mark on the region. No longer a country exporting unskilled labourers, today’s Turkey is an active player in the international field of trade and industry.

The Kurds

The Kurds, constitute one of the oldest nations of the Middle East, as well as the largest nation in the world without their own country. They are in the spotlight since 2014 as they fiercely defend their territory against attacks by the IS.


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