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In Kuwait, Early Elections Underline Growing Political Tensions

Whatever the results of the election, with political tensions on the rise, it is likely that the new parliament will be an unstable one, potentially leading to yet another dissolution and election. This may be the only way for the opposition to oust the old guard, which it deems corrupt. If it succeeds, accusations of electoral fraud will almost certainly follow.

UN-Endorsed Ceasefire Lessens People’s Agony but Is Unlikely to End in Political Breakthrough

The United States and Russia, as members of the ISSG, agreed to enforce the ceasefire throughout Syria, effective 27 February 2016. Despite rising expectations that the ceasefire would put violence on hold and reduce the tragic situation of the Syrian people, indications are that the ceasefire might collapse soon.

Kuwait: Where Democracy Did Not Bring More Freedom

It is unclear where Kuwait is headed. It is still the freest and most liberal of the Gulf States. But for how long will the more liberal parts of society stand their ground?

The Plight of Migrant Workers in the Gulf States

Despite attempts at reform, with the restrictive sponsorship system still in place and inadequate enforcement of the law, migrant workers in the Gulf are still vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. This, in turn, damages the modern and progressive image of the region, an image that these states are eager to maintain.

Education in the Gulf: The Search for a Balance between East and West

Until the 1950s, the main purpose of education in the Gulf was to preserve and transmit traditional culture and religion. When petro-development kicked in, there were simply insufficient native human resources to do the job. The regional leaders found that this could not go on forever, and Western-style education entered the classrooms.

Sowing Sectarian Divisions in Saudi Arabia

Stoking sectarian divisions has been going on for some time in Saudi Arabia, with hardline clerics regularly denouncing Shias as heretics and infidels during their weekly sermons. Some of those lessons have clearly been learned and too well. It is only recently, however, that the dangers of this language of hate have been exposed.

Attack on Shia Mosque Shocked Kuwait

The suicide attack carried out in a packed Shia mosque in the Sawaber area of Kuwait City during Ramadan (26 June 2015) shocked Kuwait. The bombing has drawn attention to the problems faced by Kuwaiti society.

Unprecedented Revoking of Citizenship, Bidoon Rights Neglected

Kuwait was long known for its high degree of press freedom, particularly when compared to other Gulf states. Criticism of the emir, who has the final say in politics, has, however, always been an exception. It seems that authorities have recently been exploiting this exception to silence all voices of dissent, not just criticism of the emir.


Kuwaiti households increasingly resemble the typical ‘modern’ nuclear family of one husband, one spouse, and two or three children. The number of children in the Kuwaiti nuclear family has decreased rapidly since independence. In the early 1970s women had an average of 6.9 children. For the period 2000-2005 this figure had, according to the United […]