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In Lebanon, Security Takes Precedence Over Human Rights

A United Nations report stated that ‘torture in Lebanon is a pervasive practice that is routinely used by the armed forces and law enforcement agencies’. In October 2016, the parliament even adopted a new law establishing a National Human Rights Institute that will include a committee to investigate the use of torture. However, the recent deaths of the four Syrian detainees in army custody have raised fresh concerns about the army’s tactics and public criticism of it.

Iran’s Media Landscape: An Overview

The early 21st century media environment fluctuated between periods of relative openness and restriction. However, any initial optimism was ultimately quashed following the events of the 2009 Iranian presidential election protests, which prompted a government crackdown on dissenting media voices. Foreign journalists were temporarily expelled and a mass arrest campaign was undertaken to target domestic reporters. The government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also sought to dramatically cut subsidies underpinning the country’s more liberal newspapers.

Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission Uncovers Painful Past

Since its inception, the IVD, headed by human rights activist Sihem Bensedrine, has received 62,544 charges of corruption, torture and other human rights violations. Despite strong opposition from elements of the old regime, business and media elite, and anti-Islamists, the IVD held its first public hearings on 17 November 2016. Thousands of national and international viewers and listeners tuned in on television and radio, provoking a debate that continued for several days in Tunisia’s public and cyber sphere.