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Israel Outraged by Latest UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem

On 26 October 2016, the UNESCO adopted a contentious resolution on the conservation of Jerusalem’s religious heritage which denies Judaism’s deep ties to one of the city’s holiest sites. However, It seems abundantly clear that the Israeli government, together with the right-wing Israeli NGO Elad, is doing everything in its power to ‘Judaize’ the – occupied – surroundings of the disputed holy sites. And this is one thing the Israeli lamentations about the ‘missing link’ have achieved: no one is talking about these underlying issues.

In Egypt, Political Satire Pushed to the Margins

Amid the ongoing crackdown on any voices of dissent, political satire is seen as a threat to the authority and legitimacy of the regime, which continues to maintain that it is in a transitional phase towards democracy.

As UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech Approaches, What is the State of Morocco’s National Security?

What is the state of security today in Morocco? An initial answer would be that the country is still vulnerable for a number of reasons. According to recent reports, Moroccan jihadists are continuing to join IS in Libya and are increasing communication and coordination with sympathizers back home.


Fanack provides an overview of Sudan’s geography, including its state borders, local climate, and natural resources.

In Egypt, Regulatory Challenges Overshadow Solar Energy Potential

Currently, less than 1% of electricity in Egypt is produced by solar energy. The solar energy that is available mostly comes from small-scale projects, for instance on rooftops. The government is hoping to change this, both for environmental reasons and to attract foreign investment.

Israeli Politics’ Shift to the Right

Over the past decade, Israeli society has been shifting slowly but inexorably to right. Since the last elections, in March 2015, this slow-moving trend has accelerated dramatically, particularly in the ruling coalition. Israeli society in general has become less tolerant of minorities, less democratic, less respectful of civil rights and less open to debate; the peace camp has withered.

Nada Faris: the Anglowaiti

Nada Faris made the conscious decision to write in English to reach a global audience, and to avoid risking the nuances of her work getting lost in translation. Her writings shifted her perspective on writing and empowered the audience with knowledge that would make them think, question and discuss.

Tourism in Palestine

Tourism is an important but underexploited contributor to Palestinian GDP. Since the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in 1994, more attention has been given to the sector, with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities dedicated to promoting tourism and maintaining archeological sites.

Insights from an Israeli Member of Knesset – A Frank Discussion with MK Ksenia Svetlova

Ksenia Svetlova, a Russian-born immigrant to Israel, studied Middle Eastern History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and went on to become a respected Arab affairs correspondent for a number of international media. She opposes religious coercion and endorses progressive denominations of Judaism. She does not subscribe to the non-egalitarian nature of Jewish orthodoxy in Israel, and believes that people should be able to choose a pluralistic form of religion.

The Saudi Shura Council

The Saudi Majlis al-Shura or consultative council is a body of appointed members whose primary task is to study and propose laws. The council has the authority to interpret existing legislation, as well as to demand and audit annual performance reports referred to it by state ministries and agencies. While expectations for the Shura Council to represent people’s needs and wants remain high, it is worth bearing in mind that in an absolute monarchy, the Shura is currently the closest thing the Kingdom has to a democratic body.