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Faces have names. We hear about them but do not get the entire picture.
Get to know these influential people in Fanack’s ‘Faces’ section.

Below is a list of the most recently added profiles, move to the sidebar to navigate to the respective countries.

Since winning the Arabic Booker in 2009, he has emerged as one of the most outspoken critics of religious extremism and cultural decline in Egypt. His voice is one among a growing number in Egypt calling for cultural change, chang...
Palestinians wondered whether al-Sinwar’s 24 years in Israeli prisons had affected his ability to make wise, reasonable decisions that served public interests. Furthermore, they questioned his suitability to lead Hamas, given th...
al-Jubeir has been centre stage in his country’s row with its neighbour, Qatar. With the Saudi monarch busy reshuffling the line of succession and government positions, al-Jubeir has been travelling to Western cities to make a c...
Although Amr khaled continues to preach and promote his brand of development to young people, he has fallen a long way from the dizzy heights of 2007, when Time magazine voted him one of the most influential people in the world.
Some see Zefzafi as leading a new Moroccan Arab Spring. Others consider the Moroccan government’s decision to arrest him in an attempt to stop al-Hirak as a big mistake that has only raised his profile.
He has been outspoken about the wave of fascism and religious radicalism around the world. He accused US President Donald Trump of breaking taboos by suggesting bringing back torture, and warned world powers against undermining ci...
Mohammed VI’s role has several religious, social, political/diplomatic, economic and psychological aspects. The king is known for advancing efforts to help the poor, which has greatly enhanced his popularity.However, he is facin...
Khalid Alkhudair has pushed for additional legislation that will make it easier for women to enter the workforce, such as mandatory maternity leave and onsite nurseries for firms that employ 50 women or more. However, barriers to ...
Since becoming a prominent figure in constitutional legislation in 1983, Badria Sulaiman proved to have excellent political instincts and the ability to adapt quickly to shifting directions and loyalties – skills that have kept...
Saif al-Islam is trying to mobilize support among tribal leaders and fighters loyal to his father. Many Libyans perceive him as Libya’s ‘saviour’ that could reform their troubled country.
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