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Will New Appointments Solve Jordan’s Security Woes?

Jordan is a leading member of the United States-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) in neighbouring Iraq and Syria. The Jordanian army has been tasked with protecting the kingdom from cross-border attacks and infiltration attempts. Yet despite widening a crackdown on ISIS sympathizers at home, it has struggled to cope. On 21 June 2016, six Jordanian soldiers were killed and 14 were wounded after a car bomb exploded in al-Rukban, near the country’s border with Syria.

Sudan’s National Dialogue: A Real Outcome or A Buying-time Process?

The Sudanese national dialogue initiated by President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s government in January 2014 resulted in an agreement to form a national reconciliation government during the final three months of 2016. The conference discussed six main themes of peace and unity, economy, freedoms and fundamental rights, national identity, foreign relations and governance as well as how to implement the changes.