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Government primary school in Amman, Jordan - Young girls reading. Photo UNESCO - CC BY-SA.

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Female victims of domestic violence are not well protected by the law or society. Women often have difficulty providing ...
Lebanon’s 21st-century media is burgeoning, with private newspapers, radio stations, television channels and online pu...
Jordan is a leading member of the United States-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) in neighbouring Iraq and...
In places like Damascus and west Aleppo, the Syrian regime has pointed to the continuing nightlife as a sign of ‘busin...
On 16 Febraury 2017, Nadia Ahmed Abdo has been appointed as the first femal governor in Egypt. Her appointment has been...
In an interview with Newsweek Middle East, al-Mazrui laid out her vision for youth inclusion. She addressed the challeng...
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In recent times, although the total number of Christians in the area continues to grow, there has been a decline in thei...
In 2015, the “War on Terror” has been far from successful. The chaos that prevailed in some Arab countries following...
Family Law and Minorities
In-depth Special file concerning the international affairs of the Middle East and North Africa.
In 1979, after the fall of the Shah and the formation of the Islamic Republic in Iran, a chance appeared to present itse...
Media in the Middle East and North Africa
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Human Rights