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Government primary school in Amman, Jordan - Young girls reading. Photo UNESCO - CC BY-SA.

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In Morocco, the issue of human rights has found its way onto the parliamentary agenda and is being debated by the govern...
Egypt is working hard to clamp down on the black market, in an attempt to contain its dollar crisis. Since the revolutio...
A court in Bahrain dissolved the main Shia opposition party al-Wefaq in July 2016. The problem is a straightforward one:...
While there remain more questions than answers about one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist leaders, it is perhap...
Fanack provides an overview of Sudan's geography, including its state borders, local climate, and natural resources.
Tunisia has come a long way since Ben Ali’s repressive rule, but it still has a long way to go to become a country whe...
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Since the 1960s, the Egyptian government has guaranteed free public education for all
In recent times, although the total number of Christians in the area continues to grow, there has been a decline in thei...
In 2015, the “War on Terror” has been far from successful. The chaos that prevailed in some Arab countries following...
Below is an overview of all in-depth chronicle articles on regional issues and issues concerning multiple countries:
In-depth Special file concerning the international affairs of the Middle East and North Africa.
The images shown above are stills taken from this British documentary (36 minutes). Latest Updates Iraq-Iran War
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Human Rights